huesca201317Cesar Huesca has delivered himself to music and guitar since 1993 when he picked up the instrument for the first time at the age of 10.Being firstly influenced by his father with some guitar basics, his main teachers were MTV, a stereo component system, and CD’s/tapes of his favorite bands and guitarists.

Since 2003 he has contributed into many projects live onstage and in studio, from guest appearances in guitar solos on several productions or being a touring guitarist for mainstream singer/songwriters of his country, to the release of his first solo album in 2008 or his contributions to the Youtube community since 2006. At that time he was one of the very few latin guitarists forming himself a name on the internet by uploading videos with renditions of his favorite songs, bands and players, as well as multiple improvisations and original music.Those works caught the attention of guitar virtuosos such as Greg Howe and Steve Vai whom gave personal recognition to Huesca’s guitar approach. Never labeled or fitted himself into an specific musical style or genre, Cesar keeps active and working into music, he’s currently a member of mexican bands The Arkitecht and Cuevo. He also works as a sideman/touring guitarist for mainstream female singer/songwriter Alejandra Guzman, supporting her on the current tour.